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Who is the Best dentist in Orlando Fl?

Debunking The Most Common Oral Health Myths

Now that everyone can easily access the Internet, oral health myths and misconceptions are floating around creating confusion and resistance. More and more people are skipping dental appointments because they’ve read from a blog that some dentists charge too much or certain treatments cause pain. Unfortunately, if you can’t tell what’s fact from fiction you may be compromising your oral health. One way to keep your oral health in good shape is to learn about common oral health myths from the best dentist in Orlando, Fl, so you’ll know what to do and what not to do. 

Who is the Best dentist in Orlando Fl?

Top 2 Dental Myths Debunked

Consuming Foods With High Sugar Content Will Cause Cavities

Everyone knows sugary treats can lead to cavities,s but it’s not the sugar itself that causes tooth decay and cavities, it’s how long the sugar stays in your mouth. Sugar in your mouth will give bacteria something to feed on. A domino effect will then ensue.

The bacteria feeding on sugar will produce acids that will eventually wear and erode your enamel increasing your risk of cavities. To make sure your teeth are cavity-free, we suggest you brush and floss daily to help get rid of harmful bacteria and see your dentist yearly for a teeth cleaning.

You Shouldn’t Worry When Toothaches Stop

Toothache is a symptom that means something is wrong. When you experience tooth pain and the pain dwindles, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible. The most common cause of tooth pain is a cavity and if the cavity isn’t managed and treated, bacteria can make their way into your dental pulp and cause an infection. When the pain stops it could mean the bacteria has damaged the nerves inside your tooth. 

Who is the Best dentist in Orlando Fl?

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