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who offers the best dental veneers orlando?

Dental Veneers Orlando | Are Dental Veneers Prone to Breakage?

Dental veneers act as a protective covering and improve aesthetic for a broken or chipped tooth. They are tooth-colored shells that cover your teeth especially if it was severely discolored and teeth whitening isn’t responding to it. Porcelain dental veneers Orlando are quite the popular choice because they will not stain and has the look of natural teeth. Placing dental veneers are not reversible and the procedure involves removing a very thin layer of the tooth enamel so the veneers will fit. They can be done in only two visits.

How Durable Are Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are popular cosmetic dentistry for many reasons and they are incredibly durable. They can endure years of chewing and biting even though they are very thin. Veneers are very resistant to temperature changes, wear, and fractures. They are made from high-quality porcelain and this composition is what makes them very strong.

What You Could Be Doing Wrong with Your Dental Veneers

Just like your natural teeth, the wrong kind of force or pressure will eventually damage the veneer. Although broken veneers are not quite common because of its durability, this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. Avoid using your teeth as a tool to open packages, bottles, or even a bag of chips. These habits could compromise the integrity of your veneers and damage them prematurely.

How to Handle Porcelain Veneer Emergencies

On the event that your veneer has come off or was fractured, check to see if the veneer is still intact. Carefully remove whatever parts of the restoration are in your mouth without causing further damage. If your veneer has come off without breaking, your dentist may be able to re-attach it. However, if it’s broken, the only option your dentist might suggest is to make you a new one. You need to contact your dentist’s office immediately and let them know what happened so they can arrange an appointment for you.

Interested in Dental Veneers Orlando?

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