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Where is good dental veneers orlando?

Dental Veneers Orlando | How to Make Your Veneers Last

I know you feel amazing now that your beautiful smile is once again restored! This also marks your new responsibility to maintain that award-winning smile and make it last. Dental Veneers Orlando has an average lifespan of 7-15 years, but your bad oral habits can get in the way, and you may have to replace them sooner than expected. But do not worry because we are here to give you some tips on how to make your veneers last.

Form Good Oral Hygiene

Veneers are easy to care for and they are low maintenance, so if you already have good oral hygiene then you only need to continue doing so religiously.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

Most people grind their teeth out of habit but doing so can not only damage your veneers, but it can also damage your teeth and jaw joints. This condition is called Bruxism. If you have this, let your dentist know so they can provide you with a bite guard.

Avoid Chewing on Hard Food or Things

Although veneers are durable, subjecting them to pressure and stress can still cause them to break or chip off. Keep your veneers away from pencils, pens, ice, bones and other hard stuff.

Take Caution During Contact Sports

If you are into contact sports, then it is wise to invest in a mouth guard. It is better to avoid any potential trauma that can damage your newly restored pearly whites!

Protect your Teeth from Stains

Keep your veneers white and beaming by avoiding foods and drinks that can stain them. Smoking also contributes to discolored veneers or teeth so quit smoking and improve not just your oral health but also your health in general.

Visit your Dentist

Doing this at least twice a year will keep your veneers in check if they are in their best shape. This will also help monitor if there are any problems with your oral health that needs corrective action.

Where are good dental veneers orlando?

Looking for Dental Veneers Orlando?

Taking care of Dental Veneers Orlando is a no brainer! But a contributing factor of making it easy to take care of is the quality of your veneers and the oral care you are receiving. Make sure you get it from Alafaya Family Dentistry. We are committed to providing the absolute best in care and delivering beautiful smiles to you and your family. Contact us today or book an appointment online!

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