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Dentist Orlando FL | How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

Both parents and the dentist play a crucial role in making a child’s first dental visit a pleasant experience. Any anxiety displayed by the parents will be picked up easily by the child and an unfriendly dentist can only increase the child’s anxiety. For a child, a trip to the dentist Orlando FL can be scary. Fortunately, there are ways to get your child past the fear of the dentist.

How a Dentist Orlando FL Can Help Your Child Feel Comfortable

It is perfectly normal for children to feel fearful and they can express it in a number of ways. Some may throw temper tantrums, and some may cry, and dentists use different behavior management techniques to ease the fear of the child such as:

  • Voice Control – The dentist uses a friendly voice to communicate with the child.
  • Non-verbal Communications – The dentist uses body language such as a simple frown or smile to encourage positive behavior.
  • Distraction – The dentist will draw the child’s attention while the dental procedure is still on-going by engaging them in a conversation or through storytelling.

What You Can Do to Make Your Child Less Anxious

Tell your child that you are going to visit the dentist but don’t disclose a lot of details as much as possible. Don’t tell your child about an unpleasant dental experience you’ve had and never tell your child that something will hurt or be painful. Explain to your child the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and that the dentist is a friendly doctor that is going to help him/her achieve that.

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Your Child’s First Visit

Emphasize to your child that dental visits are a necessity and not a choice and that the dentist is there to help him or her. Take your child to a pediatric dentist Orlando FL as they usually have fun decorative-themed offices that work well with kids. To learn more about making your child’s first dental visit a fun and comfortable one, contact us at Alafaya Family Dentistry to schedule your child’s appointment with us.

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