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where can i find the best dentist in orlando fl?

How Does a Tooth Become Abscessed?

Does your tooth feel sensitive to heat and cold? If it’s slightly raised or if you feel pressure on your tooth when it’s tapped, then you need to have it checked by the best dentist in Orlando FL. These are some of the symptoms of a serious dental problem known as a tooth abscess.

An abscess is an accumulation of pus that forms within your tissues and is usually a result of a bacterial infection localized in a specific area. In this case, your tooth. A tooth abscess may be accompanied by inflammation and swelling. Let’s find out more. 

where can i find the best dentist in orlando fl?

Understanding Tooth Abscess

What is a Tooth Abscess?

Your tooth consists of layers. The enamel is the outermost layer, and beneath it is the dentin. These two function as your tooth’s protective layers. Underneath the dentin is the pulp where you’ll find your tooth’s blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissues. It goes way down into your tooth root, which is connected to your upper or lower jawbone.

When an infection reaches the pulp, there’s a big chance it will spread into the jawbone. Similarly, if the gums around the abscessed tooth become infected, the tooth will also become susceptible to damage.

How is a Tooth Abscess Treated?

There is a fairly simple method to treat a tooth abscess. The best dentist will prescribe antibiotics to stop the infection and perform root canal therapy. It’s rare for the infection to become severe because when the symptoms start to manifest, your dentist will be able to identify the problem and treat it right away.

where can i find the best dentist in orlando fl?

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