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what is an oral surgeon orlando?

Oral Surgeon Orlando | Roles of an Oral Surgeon

To become an oral surgeon, you must be knowledgeable in surgery, dentistry, and trained as a medical practitioner. Maxillofacial and oral surgeons perform procedures on the maxillofacial region of the head and tissues of the mouth to treat defects, diseases, and injuries. An oral surgeon Orlando also diagnose and may perform surgery to improve the appearance of their patients.

Oral Surgeon Orlando and What They Do

Oral surgeons may work in a medical office, hospitals, or outpatient care centers where they can do consultations and surgeries. They also fix birth defects and trauma to the oral cavity or to the mouth. They are also able to administer anesthesia to their patients in preparations for surgeries.

Common Oral Surgical Procedures

Intricate surgeries on lips, teeth, jaws, and the surrounding structures are performed by oral surgeons. They may also diagnose cancers of the mouth, obstructive sleep apnea, or a patient’s misaligned jaws. They perform reconstructive surgeries and procedures to adjust the position of the jaw to function properly or provide symmetry and structure to the appearance of the mouth and face, removes tumors, and impacted teeth.

  • Tooth Extractions (especially impacted wisdom tooth)
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (pre-prosthetic bone augmentation, nerve repositioning, maxillofacial dental implants, dentoalveolar surgery, and corrective jaw surgery)
  • Prosthodontics (reshaping of individual teeth to accept veneers, crowns, or bridges)
what is the best oral surgeon orlando?

Looking for an Oral Surgeon Orlando?

If you or a loved one need oral surgery, talk to an oral surgeon Orlando to know what to expect during the procedure, how to prepare for the surgery, and any important after-care information you may need. To learn more about oral surgeons and the types of procedures they perform, contact us today at Alafaya Family Dentistry for more information.

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