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where is the best orlando restorative dentistry?

Orlando Restorative Dentistry | Types of Restorative Dentistry

If your comfort and confidence are being compromised because of a broken or damaged tooth, then you need not worry. Thankfully, there are many options you have on how to restore them. Orlando Restorative dentistry is focused on bringing back that painless and beautiful smile on your face! Restorative dentistry is focused on keeping your mouth in its best condition by taking preventive and corrective oral measures.

Dental Filling

In order to restore a damaged tooth due to decay, there is a simple procedure. You can get your dentist to clean out the decay and then fill it. This filling is usually composite resin or an amalgam. This is going to help the tooth stay solid and function like before. Sealing the open space prevents bacteria from entering and it also aids in the prevention of further decay.

Dental Crown

If you have too much decay in your teeth, so much that a dental filling will not be able to fix it, then your dentist will most likely recommend for you to get a dental crown or cap.  A crown covers most of your tooth up to just above the gum line and it will serve as your teeth’s new surface.  Crowns are custom-made to make sure it fits your mouth perfectly and make it look like it is a part of your natural teeth!

Restorative Dentistry Bridges

A dental bridge is there to fill, or bridge, a gap that is created by the missing tooth. It makes use of a healthy tooth to anchor the false teeth. The false tooth is called pontics and it can be made of alloy, porcelain, gold or a combination.

Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is needed for patients who have inflammation or infection at the roots of their teeth. This procedure will remove the rotten part inside the tooth, shape the root canals, and seal the opening with a filling. This will help relieve pain and restore your teeth.

Where is the best orlando restorative dentistry?

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Assess which solution is best for you by asking your Orlando Restorative Dentistry. At Alafaya Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing you the quality oral care you and your family needs! Check out our website to know more about the services we offer or book an appointment online!

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