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What are the Dangers of DIY Braces?

Whether you have crooked teeth or an abnormal bite, the best way to address these dental issues is to see an Orthodontist Orlando. Unfortunately, despite knowing that you need to see a dental health specialist many people resort to DIY braces in an attempt to save money. What they don’t know is that DIY braces are very dangerous. For the record, DIY braces are not effective in straightening your teeth and correcting bite problems. In fact, they may even do the opposite. DIY braces can pose very serious consequences. Let’s learn more.

Why are DIY Braces Dangerous?

What are DIY Braces?

Apparently, there are hundreds of people who are willing to use DIY braces rather than see an actual Orthodontist Orlando thinking that using fishing wire, rubber bands, earring backs, and paper clips can substitute braces. With the plethora of videos online, it’s easy to see why people are unafraid to give it a try. Unfortunately, homemade braces aren’t safe. Although these makeshift braces look like actual orthodontic braces in terms of appearance it’s nowhere near the real thing.

What are the Dangers of Wearing DIY Braces?

Attempting to straighten your teeth using DIY braces can result in gum damage and tooth loss. You see, braces work by applying gentle pressure on your teeth to move them into a predetermined direction so that your teeth will reach their desired position. If you do it yourself, your chances of getting an infection are high, you’ll develop cavities and you can potentially cause permanent damage to your enamel. Are you willing to risk your health just to save a bit of money? The best way to address orthodontic problems is to see a competent Orthodontist.

Why See an Orthodontist Orlando?

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