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who is the best pediatric dentist orlando fl?

Pediatric Dentist Orlando FL | What a Pediatric Dentist Does for Your Kids

Encouraging your child to develop good oral care habits can be challenging. All it takes is a lot of patience to help them develop the habit of brushing and flossing as good dental health habits start young. Even for adults, a visit to the dentist can be somewhat an anxiety-inducing task. As for small children, they often think that going to the dentist will hurt because they simply don’t know what to expect.  If you are planning for your child’s first dental visit, seeing a pediatric dentist Orlando FL should be the first thing for you to do. Pediatric dentists are trained on how to handle small children and they know how to ease your child’s anxiety of seeing a dentist.

What to Expect During Childhood?

When a child is about 6 years old, their teeth will begin to come loose and fall out. Let your child wiggle the loose tooth until it falls out on its own. This will help minimize the bleeding and pain associated with a lost tooth. Children love sweet treats, and this makes them susceptible to developing cavities. Cavities can develop when you don’t brush your teeth after consuming sugary foods. Bacteria that live and thrive on the teeth feast on the food particles and can eat away at tooth enamel.

Types of Treatments Pediatric Dentists Provide

A pediatric dentist is dedicated to the oral health of infant throughout the various stages of childhood. They provide comprehensive oral health care that includes the following:

  • Repair of tooth defects and cavities
  • Infant oral care exams
  • Risk assessment for caries in mother and child
  • Preventive dental care such as fluoride treatments, cleaning, and nutrition and diet recommendations

If you don’t know where to find a pediatric dentist, your pediatrician can help you find one and make a recommendation. They practice in a variety of locations including medical centers, private practices, and dental schools.

who offers a good pediatric dentist orlando fl?

Looking for a Pediatric Dentist Orlando FL?

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist, contact Alafaya Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Our pediatric dentist Orlando FL will provide the best possible care for your child’s oral health needs. Contact us today!

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