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smiling dental implants oviedo fl

What Are the Perks of Wearing Dental Implants?

If you are qualified to get dental implants in Oviedo, FL, would you get them? Although the process of getting dental implants requires surgery, many patients are still keen on going through it because they are confident of the high success rate of dental implant surgery.

Dental implants are metal posts made of biocompatible material (usually titanium). These metal posts are tooth root substitutes that your oral surgeon will implant into your jawbone to support the dental crowns. Since they replace tooth roots, they offer impeccable stability.

smiling dental implants oviedo fl

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Preserve Your Appearance

Thankfully, dental implants can prevent a sagging facial structure due to the nature of how the implants are installed. Since they literally replace tooth roots, the stimulation of chewing is maintained. This means your bone tissues will continue to regenerate, preserving your facial structures. 

Confidence is Restored 

When you lose your teeth, you’ll probably lose your self-confidence as well. Patients love dental implants because the strength, durability, and appeal of these implants resemble natural teeth. The fact that the implants are securely embedded in your jawbone makes you feel confident about your smile.

People wearing dental implants don’t need to worry about their artificial teeth slipping or popping out when they speak or laugh, as is the case with dentures. The implants are stable and secure. 

smiling dental implants oviedo fl

Are You Interested in Dental Implants in Oviedo, FL?

Do you have more questions about dental implants? If you are interested in undergoing dental implant surgery, we’d like to speak with you. At Alafaya Family Dentistry, we offer various dental treatment plants, including dental implant surgery. Call us today at (407) 365-6200, or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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