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Close up of woman's white teeth and red lipstickToday, dental implants are recognized as a superior restorative dentistry option for the enhanced security and functionality they give to dental restorations. Implants are titanium posts embedded in the jaw. They can be placed to support crowns, partial dentures and bridges, and full-arch dentures. Implants are a worthwhile investment that can give you back more freedom and confidence in your smile as you go about your daily life. The final cost you will pay for your implants varies depending upon how complex your unique case is and the number of implants that will be placed. After a thorough examination, the Alafaya Family Dentistry team can help determine your dental implants costContact our Orlando office today to schedule an appointment with Drs. David J. Ross or Karen M. Schmitt.

Customizing Your Treatment

To fully understand the state of your oral health and whether you should receive dental implants, one of our doctors will evaluate the state of your smile. Depending upon the number of damaged or missing teeth you have, our dentists will determine the placement and number of implants that will best suit your needs. In many cases, a larger prosthesis can be supported with a minimal amount of strategically placed implants. The number of implants you receive and their type, traditional or mini, will largely shape your treatment cost.

In addition to the price of your dental implants, keep in mind that there are additional costs to consider. The cost of your restorations, which will be placed upon your implants, vary. Lastly, you will need to consider the cost of sedation and your pre- and post-operative appointments. When you come to Alafaya Family Dentistry for your implants and restorations, we will help you thoroughly understand the total price of your treatment.

Investing in Your Health and Appearance

Dental implants have revolutionized restorative dentistry. For many patients, the initial investment involved with implants is well worth the long-term security and function they provide. Dental implants benefits include:

  • Long-term Functionality: Dental implants are surgically inserted within your jaw bone, which will eventually integrate with the posts and secure them. With proper care, your dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Increased Confidence: Coupled with beautiful, natural-looking restorations, your dental implants can increase your self-confidence in your appearance.
  • Jawbone Stimulation: After tooth loss, your jaw bone naturally begins to resorb into your body. Dental implants stimulate the bone in the same way that natural tooth roots do, halting this process.
  • Increased Oral Function: Dental implants provide greater stability than traditional methods of securing restorations, such as support from adjacent teeth and adhesive pastes. With your dental implants, you will be able to confidently enjoy all types of food without fear that your prosthesis will slip out of place.
  • Support for Your Facial Structure: Because dental implants preserve a strong, healthy jaw, they prevent the wrinkled, sunken-in appearance that results from long-term tooth loss.

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