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Understanding Dental Implant Surgery

With dental implant surgery at Alafaya Family Dentistry, patients in the Orlando, FL, area can look forward to regaining a fully functional smile. Unlike other types of tooth replacement, dental implants integrate with your jawbone to take the place of missing tooth roots. The majority of dentists that offer this treatment refer the surgical placement of the implants to other providers and only attach the dental prosthetic after the implants have fused with the bone. However, our doctors perform all stages of dental implant treatment at our office for more convenient, streamlined care. We use progressive techniques for efficient treatment, and we offer sedation dentistry to ensure your comfort. Dr. David Ross and Dr. Karen Schmitt both have advanced training in oral surgery and implant dentistry, and you can rest assured that your surgery will be planned and performed with skill and precision.

Preparatory Procedures

Before undergoing dental implant surgery, you will have already met with Dr. Ross to assess your candidacy. The assessment includes x-rays and 3-D imaging scans of your jawbone to determine if you have sufficient bone density to support the implants. Some patients require a bone graft prior to having implants placed. This relatively simple procedure involves adding bone graft material to replace lost tissue and strengthen the jaw. Several months are typically required to allow the bone to heal. Sometimes a minor bone graft can be performed at the same time as the implant surgery.

Diagram showing stages of dental implant surgery

We will make sure that you fully understand the surgical process and what to expect. After any necessary preparatory procedures—such as bone grafting or the removal of the damaged tooth—you will have the implant or implants surgically inserted in your jaw. After the implants heal, you will need a second surgery to uncover the implants and attach an abutment (connector piece). In the last step, we will attach your new dental crown, bridge, or denture to the implants.

Placement Surgery

When you come to the office to have your implants placed, we can provide sedation with nitrous oxide, oral sedation (medication in a pill form), or a combination of the two. In addition, we find that most of our patients feel more relaxed already because they are familiar with our office and our staff, and know that we are there to support them every step of the way.

We use progressive techniques for safe and efficient implant placement, and we offer sedation dentistry to ensure your comfort.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Ross will begin the surgery by making one or more incisions in your gum tissue. He will then create holes in strategic positions that have been planned out with your 3-D scans ahead of time, and insert the posts. The gums will be closed and the implants will begin fusing with the bone during a process called osseointegration.

What to Expect During Your Recovery

It will take approximately three to six months for your jawbone tissue to heal around your implants and form a strong attachment. During this time, you may wear a temporary dental restoration. We will provide you with clear instructions on how to make your recovery as quick and easy as possible. You should anticipate having a few appointments with us so that we can check your progress. If you have any difficulties or concerns, we will be available. We have found, however, that most patients find their recovery is smooth and that it is easier than they expected.

Once your bone and gums have healed around the implants, you will return to our office. At this time, Dr. Ross will secure your new, custom-crafted dental restoration attached to your implants.

Learn More About Your Treatment Plan

We are proud to offer expert-level dental implant treatment with comfortable care from start to finish. If you would like to make a complimentary appointment to find out more about the benefits dental implants offer or if you have any questions about dental implant surgery, please contact us today

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