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who offers the best orlando restorative dentistry?

Two Signs You are in Dire Need of Dentures

When the Best Dentist in Orlando FL recommends you wear dentures you’ll probably think he or she is joking. Well, they don’t joke about these matters. A lot of you may think that dentures are designed for older people but the truth is anyone is a suitable candidate for dentures. Remember, tooth loss doesn’t choose a specific age group. It can happen to anyone. In fact, surveys show that around 20 million women 40 years old and above are already wearing dentures. So you see, it can happen to you. Are you going to need dentures in the future? The following are two signs that you are going to need dentures soon. 

who offers the best orlando restorative dentistry?

Two Signs That You’re Going to Be a Candidate for Dentures

You Don’t See Your Dentist Regularly

If you are not going to commit to seeing the Best Dentist in Orlando FL regularly you’ll have a high chance of losing your teeth as a result of tooth decay and advanced stage gum disease. The American Dental Association encourages everyone to visit their dentist with or without dental health problems and ideally it should be at least once every six months. The reason is that annual checkups allow your dentist to monitor the condition of your teeth and gums and diagnose and treat problems before they worsen. When cavities and periodontal disease have become so advanced, tooth extraction may be the only plausible option, which means you’ll need dentures to replace them

You Experience Tender, Swollen, Red and Bleeding Gums

The symptoms of gum disease include tender, swollen, red, and bleeding gums. When you experience these symptoms you should see the Best Dentist in Orlando FL right away. If you suffer from early-stage gum disease your dentist may still be able to save your teeth but if it is already in its advanced stage and you are diagnosed with the severe periodontal disease the chances of saving your teeth are quite slim. When tooth extraction is recommended, dentures usually come next

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