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restorative dentistry oviedo fl

What Type of Restorative Dentistry Do You Need?

At some point in your life – maybe even now – you might find yourself holding your smartphone looking up restorative dentistry in Oviedo, FL. This happens when you encounter oral health problems that negatively affect your quality of life. Thankfully, even if your teeth have been badly damaged due to decay, your dentist can still restore them to their previous glory. How can restorative dentistry help you?

restorative dentistry oviedo fl

What is Restorative Dentistry?

The goals of restorative dentistry are to repair decayed teeth and replace missing teeth. The procedures used will save your teeth and make your smile look brand new. Don’t worry about what your teeth will look like because even though the restorations are artificial, they are carefully and meticulously designed. 

What Are the Different Types of Restorative Dental Procedures?

The type of restorative dentistry you’ll need will depend on your specific case. Your dentist will present your options after inspecting the condition of your teeth. 

  • Fillings: fillings are best to fix cavities and holes found in the outer portion of your tooth. The main culprit of these holes is tooth decay. If the decay isn’t addressed, it will lead to tooth pain, infection, and possibly tooth loss. In this procedure, the decayed parts of your tooth are removed and are replaced with a filling. 
  • Crowns: a dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that your dentist will place over a decayed tooth to improve its appearance, enhance its strength, and boost its function so that you can smile confidently and chew food without any problem. This is usually the second option if your tooth cannot be repaired with a filling. 
  • Dental Implants: implants are biocompatible metal posts that an oral surgeon will place in your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. After the implants have fused with your bone tissues, the abutments and dental crowns will follow to complete your smile. 
restorative dentistry oviedo fl

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