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When Should I Change My Toothbrush?

You’re in the supermarket and you’re about to place the most expensive toothbrush in your cart thinking that it will save you money since you won’t be replacing it for a long time. While there is certainly nothing wrong with choosing a good quality toothbrush, the only error here is the fact that you intend to use it for an extended period of time. The Best Dentist in Orlando FL will tell you that no matter what brand of toothbrush you have, it is not designed to be used for an extended period of time. Let’s find out more

When Should You Replace Your Toothbrush? 

When Should You Buy a New Toothbrush?

According to the American Dental Association, it is ideal that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Sure, toothbrushes come in many different brands and colors but despite their differences one thing remains the same, all toothbrushes undergo wear and tear. Therefore, even if you invested in an expensive toothbrush eventually the bristles will fray and it won’t be able to effectively clean your teeth and gums. Aside from getting worn, bacteria and germs can also accumulate in the bristles, which explains why the Best Dentist in Orlando FL encourages you to ditch your toothbrush once it has reached 3 months

What Happens If You Continue Using The Same Toothbrush? 

Besides the fact that bacteria and germs build up on the bristles, frayed bristles will compromise your toothbrush’s ability to clean your teeth thereby predisposing you to a plethora of dental problems including tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. In such cases, you’ll need to see the Best Dentist in Orlando FL for treatment

Do You Need to See the Best Dentist in Orlando FL? 

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