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Which Toothbrush Bristle Should I Use?

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Brushing is important in achieving and maintaining good dental health. Aside from the technique you use and the number of times you’re supposed to brush your teeth, one of the main concerns of your dentist in 32765 is the type of toothbrush you use. When you shop for a toothbrush, you shouldn’t just look at the style and size but rather the type of bristles it has. 

brushing Dentist 32765

What Are the Different Types of Toothbrush Bristles?

Toothbrushes have three different categories – soft, medium, and hard. How do you know which is the best? 


Your dentist would always recommend you find a toothbrush that has soft bristles because it’s gentler on your teeth and gums. Some people are concerned that it may not effectively remove plaque and food particles because the bristles look flimsy. 

On the contrary, a soft-bristled toothbrush is much more effective in removing plaque and bacteria compared to medium and hard bristles because it can get closer to your gums without causing any irritation. 


While medium bristles can effectively move food particles, plaque, and bacteria, the strength of this type of toothbrush may be too harsh on your gum tissues. Medium-bristled toothbrushes may harm your gums even if you are using the right brushing stroke. 


Hard-bristled toothbrushes should never be used because they can injure your gums and cause premature gum recession. Aside from gum recession, hard toothbrushes also lead to enamel erosion.

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

You should change your toothbrush every three months. However, if the bristles already look worn and torn even before reaching three months, you should change them because brushing with frayed bristles will not be effective in removing plaque and food particles. 

brushing Dentist 32765

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